Teaching material


Here you can find my teaching material which includes texts, worksheets, Power Point presentations and games that are available for download. Additionally you will also find ideas for Conservation Biology related projects, as well as weblinks that direct you to many other helpful pages and interactive activities. Please don't forget to check the Other resources, where you will find a variety of helpful websites in German and English.


Topics covered include:

  • Biodiversity
  • Conservation
  • Sustainability


The materials on this website are not designed as a consecutive unit on Conservation Biology. Because it varies from school to school and state to state in which grade bilingual biology classes are introduced, teachers are welcome to make whatever necessary adaptations to the worksheets and other material provided in order to make them suitable for their classes. For this reason, most of the material is available as a word file rather than a PDF file. While creating the teaching material, I tried to incorporate popular learning methods and techniques recommended by experienced bilingual teachers, as well as to include important learning objectives in conservation education.