Activities - Biodiversity


Role play 

The following download includes student instructions for a role play as well as a short text written from the viewpoint of five characters that talk about different aspects of rainforest destruction. This role play is supposed to help the students understand and explore the conflicts and different viewpoints on a conservational issue such as the deforestation of tropical rainforests. The students form groups and each group has to do background research on the viewpoint of the character they are assigned. Possible keywords for Internet research are “timber felling rainforest”, “rainforest pharmaceuticals”, “climate stabilization tropical forests”, etc. After the research, each group picks a speaker for a mock discussion round on the topic of rainforest destruction. One student needs to be selected as the host of the discussion session. Alternatively, each group can create a poster or handout in order to present the viewpoint of their character. Afterwards, the class should discuss which arguments they agree with and which not. 

Role Play .docx
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BildungsCent e. V. & BMU - Biodiversity Quiz

A (German) online quiz on biodiversity; players can choose between three levels of difficulty. Play here.