Links and downloads


The following weblinks provide helpful information and downloads for teaching material in English:



American Museum of Natural History (AMNH)

The AMNH website has a huge collection with teaching material for all ages, which is available in the Resources for Learning section. Here you can find a detailed Introduction to Biodiversity with readings and activities.



BMU Bildungsserver

The BMU (German Federal Environment Agency) publishes educational material that can be downloaded for free on their Bildungsserver. Teachers can find material for all age groups and many of it is available in several languages.



BMU - Biological Diversity

The BMU's extensive workbook on biodiversity (download here) is very recommendable and available in German and English. It is designed for students between the ages of 12- 16 and includes texts, worksheets, activities as well as background information for teachers (e.g. curricular standards).


The workbook covers topics such as

  • Species diversity worldwide (distribution, species extinction, the value of biodiversity, biodiversity hotspots)
  • National parks and biosphere reserves (the Rhön biosphere, how to plan a conservation area, biosphere vs. national park, national parks in Germany)
  • High-tech from nature (bionics, lotus effect experiment)
  • A short film about biodiversity (a screenplay)
  • Background information for teachers