Conservation Biology


Conservation Biology is a relatively new interdisciplinary biological discipline that collects scientific data and findings from other disciplines such as molecular biology, evolutionary biology and population ecology and focuses them on the issue of conservation. The Society for Conservation Biology defines it as  


"the scientific study of the phenomena that affect the maintenance, loss, and restoration of biological diversity" 


Therefore, Conservation Biology is concerned with finding ways to decelerate the rate of biodiversity loss and finding solutions to protect our natural ecosystems and the species by which they are inhabited. However, there are also many conservation biologists that stress the importance of education and include the creation of an environmentally literate public as one of the main goals that Conservation Biology should aim at. In their general assembly in 2002, the United Nations declared 2004 - 2015 as the United Nations World Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, which highlights that many nations are making an effort to teach their future generations the importance of a sustainable lifestyle and intact ecosystems. 


Teaching environmental responsibility is an essential challenge that schools and especially teachers face today. In Germany, more and more environmental agencies and organizations are working together with schools to increase environmental awareness in children and young adults. Therefore, teaching Conservation Biology in schools will hopefully become a greater priority in future years.

Conservation Biology - Introduction

The following presentation gives a short introduction into Conservation Biology - a biological discipline that emerged in the 1970s as a result of scientists' growing concern about the increasing rate of biodiversity loss and habitat and ecosystem degradation. Besides the PDF version an additional PowerPoint version is included so that the presentation can be altered for your purpose.

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Practical nature conservation
Please go to Links and downloads for material and activities for students on how to plan a conservation area.