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Games are a fun way of learning, and they can serve as a great source to re-energize a classroom environment. These are some games that can either serve as a repetition of some of the learning objectives covered in class or also activities for students who are fast at finishing their tasks. For more online games for students, please go to Interactive games under the "other resources" menu.


web of life game
Food Web

Food Web Game / Food Chain Game

The Food Web Game is an activity that aims at showing students how all plants and animals - including humans - depend on each other for survival. It demonstrates the connectivity of all species within a habitat or ecosystem. With the help of a ball of yarn, a tangled web will represent a complex food web. By showing that the removal of only one tiny part of a system can have an effect on the whole community, students learn how fragile ecosystems are and see how damaging human interference in such ecosystems can be. The students also learn the importance of biodiversity. When played correctly, the food web can include every student of a whole class.

For lower classes, a less complex version of the game with a food chain is also included. 

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Conservation Biology Bingo

Bingo is a fun game in which students can review the new terms they have learned and match them with the according definitions. This game can be played on any subject; all the teacher needs to do is create a list with whatever terms have been discussed in class. 

Bingo Card Creator: On the following website you can also create your own cards or download finished biology bingo cards on topics such as endangered species, mammals, genetics, etc.: Bingo Card Creator.

Bingo Instructions & Material.docx
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Crossword Puzzle

A crossword puzzle on Conservation Biology created with Eclipse Crossword. Eclipse Crossword is an easy program that you can download for free to create your own crossword puzzles on any topic. The crossword key below includes the correct answers.  

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A wordsearch in which students have to find certain conservation terms within a letter-jumble. A blank game card is also included so that the game can be played with other biological terms as well.

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