Interdisciplinary topics


"Conservation problems require creative solutions. It makes sense to access multiple ways of knowing and caring about the world in order to take care of it"

 - Susan K. Jacobson et al



Conservation Biology is a topic that is well suited for cross-curricular teaching, which is when a certain study theme is taught parallel in two (or more) subjects. One major advantage of cross-curricular teaching is that students study a certain topic in a broader context. This more holistic approach of subjects enables students to make connections and consider different perspectives, a competency that is favorable and necessary well beyond the school setting.  


The possibilities to teach Conservation Biology cross-curricular are almost endless. The aspect of Climate change can be taught in Biology as well as Geography; in math students can work with curves that reflect the population of an endangered species. This website provides a few ideas on how to incorporate Conservation Biology into the arts. This way, students who usually don't like sciences might be motivated and it could also be a possibility for them to reveal hidden talents. Since many conservation issues also deal with belief systems and ethical questions, the arts are a great way of dealing with such topics in a more emotional manner.


Ideas on how to include Conservation Biology into Music, Art and Literature classes can be found in menu on the left.




The quote above is taken from:

Jacobson, S. K., McDuff, M. D. und Monroe, M. C. (2006): Conservation Education and Outreach Techniques. New York: Oxford UP 2006.