Interactive games

The following websites offer interactive games for children of all ages on topics such as biodiversity and conservation. The links include both German and English games, quizzes and activities.


American Museum of Natural History - Ology Site

Ology is the museum’s science website for kids. Here the AMNH offers a many activities and games revolving around biodiversity.


Biodiversity 911 - Fun and Games

Biodiversity 911 is a webpage run by the WWF, which offers games and activities for children revolving around biodiversity loss and the extinction of species.


BildungsCent e.V. - Online Quizzes (German) 

BildungsCent is a German non-profit association that promotes a sustainable culture of learning and teaching. In cooperation with the BMU, it offers online quizzes in three different levels of difficulty that are also interspersed with little activities. From the BildungsCent website:


"Der gemeinnützige Verein BildungsCent e.V. setzt sich seit seiner Gründung 2003 bundesweit für die nachhaltige Förderung der Lehr- und Lernkultur in Deutschland ein."

The quizzes offered cover the topics biodiversity, climate, water, energy use, environment and health and sustainable consumption. You will find the quizzes here.

EPA Games Website

A list of links and games for all ages provided by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Food Chain Game

The EcoKids website provides a game in which students have to create their own food chain. This game is more suitable for younger kids.


Ollie's World - Kids Corner

Ollie's World is a website for environmental education. Ollie's Club offers a lot of games for children revolving around sustainability.