Sustainability has become an issue because the human population now consumes the Earth's resources faster than they can be regenerated. This overconsumption has become one of today's greatest threats to biodiversity. When looking at humanity's environmental footprint, it is obvious that we are living beyond our means and that the earth will not be able to provide us with all that we need to maintain our current lifestyle and consumption habits for forever. Because of this, it is a necessity to teach our future generations a stronger environmental awareness and stronger respect for nature.


The purpose of this Power Point presentation on sustainability isn't to frighten students with problems such as greenhouse gases and climate change, but rather to help them understand that they themselves face decisions every day that have direct impacts on our planet. This presentation aims at making students more aware of the consequences of their actions and will hopefully help make them realize that they can indeed make sustainable choices in their daily lives. The examples and figures presented mainly focus on Germany's consumption habits, but are to the most extent applicable to other developed countries. The presentation also tries to link consumption patterns to biodiversity loss and environmental degradation. Topics covered include

  • Ecological Footprint
  • consumption patterns
  • waste, use of energy resources, nutrition


Besides the PDF version an additional PowerPoint version is included so that the presentation can be altered for your purpose.

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Homework/Project ideas

The following worksheet includes ideas on how to make a difference regarding some of the issues mentioned in the presentation. They range from instructions on how to improve your backyard for native wildlife to doing research on local environmental organizations or projects.

What YOU can do.docx
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